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The Challenge

To deliver personalized experiences, brands have to gather the preferences of a diverse set of audiences (visitors, prospects, users, customers, partners, and advocates) and ensure that all their systems contain up-to-date audience data — a seemingly simple problem that gets more complicated every day.

Fostering a community, increasing brand loyalty, or building personalized audience experiences — each of these activities hinges upon building better relationships with your audiences.

And building better relationships starts with a unified communication strategy where audience preferences are front and center.

A strategy where personalization isn't just limited to delivering the right message to the right people but also takes into account who should be excluded from what campaign.

The Solution

We offer a communication systems audit that provides important answers.

We then implement the tools, document the processes, and train your teams to deliver content and experiences that are always personalized.

1.  Do our email systems contain the communication preferences of our audiences?
2.  Do our systems store preferences in a usable manner? Are the preferences kept up-to-date?
3.  Do we have consent from our audiences for the various types of emails we're sending them?
4.  Do campaigns account for audience consent and preferences?
5.  Are communication systems kept in sync to avoid redundancy?
6.  Is our unsubscribe rate acceptable? Is the spam complaint rate less than 1%?
7. Are we in compliance with privacy regulations?

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of companies need a communication systems audit?

Companies where go-to-market teams use multiple email engagement tools throughout the audience journey.

Especially B2B organizations where it's quite common that Demand Gen uses Marketo, Sales uses Outreach, Growth uses Customer.io, and Product user Intercom. Sometimes, multiple teams end up using the same tool where their campaigns are siloed but their audiences have significant overlap, resulting in redundant communication and a poor audience experience. Our audit documents all ongoing campaigns in extreme detail, enabling you to identify and eliminate such redundancy.

What are the benefits of the audit?

The audit provides a bird's eye view of all ongoing email communication campaigns running across all the engagement tools used across your organization. Besides a thorough understanding of when and how teams engage with audiences at different stages of the audience lifecycle, the audit helps with the following:

• Identify overlapping campaigns that distort the end-user experience
• Ensure that your unsubscribe and spam complaint rates are reasonable
• Comply with regulations by making sure that audiences only receive communication they have opted in for

How long does the audit take? Are there any prerequisites?

Not really. We can work with any communication tool and use a documentation tool of your choice to deliver the outcome of the audit. Depending on the scope and some other factors, the audit can take two to four weeks.

It's time to reimagine how to build and nurture relationships with your diverse audiences.

astorik is a full-stack solution to make this happen — we build tools, offer services, conduct workshops, and create content to help brands embrace a winning audience data strategy.


We help deploy a custom preference center that integrates with all your communication systems.


We help identify issues that prevent your teams to deliver personalized content and experiences.


We offer bespoke training programs for a specific team or your entire organization to rethink how to engage with your audiences at every step of the relationship.


We create learning content to help your teams understand the ins and outs of audience data.

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